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Accidents happen. When an accident occurs due to another’s negligence, you can seek out compensation for your losses. 

Proper compensation can assist you with medical bills, lost wages, damaged belongings, and more. Work with Attorney Stephen R. Martay when you need a personal injury attorney, workers’ comp lawyer, or construction accident attorney. 

With more than a decade of experience assisting clients, you can trust him to provide you with reliable guidance. Call now if you are located near Aurora, IL.

When Should I Reach Out to a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If you have recently been injured at your place of work, you could be entitled to compensation. Times when you will need a workers’ compensation lawyer will be when your employer denies the accident, if you have a permanent disability, your employer retaliates against you, among other circumstances. Reach out to Attorney Stephen R. Martay for reliable legal counsel during this time. He will help you determine what you should do next.

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