C.K. vs. Chicago Food Corp. – 13WC28377        
Settled for 20% loss of use of each hand, 21.9% loss of use of each foot and $3,500.00 for disputed medical bills. Total settlement was $69,892.10

L.M. vs. Envoy Airlines – 16WC24754        
Settled for just under $130,000.00

D.R. vs. Megabus – 13WC10832        
Settled for 22.2% MAW totaling $40,000.00

J.U. vs. Thermoflex Corp. – 13WC19397 & 1 3WC19398        
Claim settled for $350,000.00

R.P. vs. Metropolitan Trucking Co. – 10WC21081        
$560.00 per week for rest of life plus all TPD awarded.

M.P. vs. AAA Rental System – 11WC7154        
Settled for 55.47% loss of a man as a whole totaling $100,000.00 plus payment of medical bills.

D.M. vs. Star Transport – 10WC38508        
Settled for $65,000.00 plus payment of all reasonable and related medical bills.

I.R. vs. Top Tec – 18 WC 9899
Settled for $75,000.00
K.M. vs. Lanz, Inc. 20 WC 10333
Settled for $114,870.00