You only need to work at your job for one second in order to be covered. If you’re injured during training, you will also be covered.

At least four days. Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies are given a three-day grace period. workers-comp-lawyer

In Illinois, you can get them as long as your doctor keeps you off work or if your doctor puts you on restricted work, which your employer will not accommodate.

Yes. The actual maximum rate depends on the date you are injured. See this link to get more information.

Yes. The actual minimum rate depends on the date you are injured. See the above link.

Temporary Total Disability benefits, or TTD, is 2/3 of your average weekly wage.

Total disability means you are not working at all. Partial disability means you are working a reduced number of hours or are being paid less.

Yes. Don’t listen to your employer if they force you to treat at a certain facility UNLESS there is a Preferred Provider Program set up.