Hire an Experienced Illinois Workers’ Comp Lawyer to Handle and Maximize Your Claim

When you get hurt on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover your medical expenses and lost wages while you recover. The Illinois workers’ compensation system is a no-fault wage replacement program, which means you should be compensated regardless of who was at-fault for the injury. Unfortunately, these claims are often denied, delayed, or minimized by insurance companies and injured victims don’t get the payouts they deserve. The process of making a claim can be complex, and claimants are often met with discouraging roadblocks. Having an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on your side increases your chances of recovering a fair settlement. 

Stephen R. Martay, Attorney at Law provides skilled representation to injury victims pursuing workers’ compensation claims. Stephen has over 13 years of legal experience and a high success rate for workers’ compensation cases. His office is in Chicago, Illinois but he represents clients throughout the state of Illinois.  

If you have been injured at work, or if you have attempted to make a workers’ comp claim and didn’t get what you feel you deserved, Stephen R. Martay, Attorney at Law is here to help. Contact Mr. Martay today to request your free, no-obligation consultation. Stephen will answer your questions, offer honest advice, and tell you what the next steps are. If you choose to proceed with your claim, Stephen R. Martay will represent you throughout the process to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Stephen R. Martay Stands Up for the Rights of Injured Workers Across Illinois

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that all employers are required to carry. It is designed to help you cover medical bills, including initial treatment, rehabilitation, medications, supplies, etc. It can also replace a portion of your wages if you are unable to return to work right away. This is called temporary total disability, or TTD, and is equal to ⅔ of your average weekly wage based on the past 52 weeks (or however long you’ve been working, if you haven’t been employed for 52 weeks yet). Anyone who is injured while on the job has the right to seek benefits without fear of retaliation from their employer. 

Workers’ compensation can also cover illness acquired due to job-related activities. For example, an individual who is hospitalized for asbestosis after being exposed to asbestos in a work environment would be entitled to compensation through workers’ comp. 

Am I covered?

Almost all Illinois workers are covered by workers’ compensation insurance (with the exception of federal employees, Chicago law enforcement officers, farmers, and independent workers). When Mr. Martay makes a workers’ comp claim on your behalf, Mr. Martay is negotiating with your employer’s insurance provider, not your employer. 

Do I need an attorney?

You do not need a workers’ compensation attorney to make a successful claim, though it makes the process easier and may result in a larger benefit if you do obtain qualified representation. Stephen R. Martay has an excellent track record for helping clients maximize their claims. He also works on a contingency fee basis, which means he won’t charge you any fees unless your claim is successful. 

What to Do When You Are Injured at Work

As soon as an accident occurs, you must notify your employer and seek medical attention, even if you think it’s a minor injury. These claims are time-sensitive, so if you neglect to inform your employer for too long, you may lose your right to claim benefits. Make sure to keep all of your medical records and get it in writing if your doctor advises against returning to work.

After you have received medical treatment from the provider of your choice, your employer’s insurer may send you to their own doctor to conduct an independent medical examination. Common disputes between claimants and insurance companies include disagreements over: 

  • Whether or not your injury occurred while on the job
  • Whether or not your work injury requires medical treatment
  • Whether or not your injury prevents you from returning to work
  • How long you will need to recover from you injuries before returning to work
construction worker with injured knee il
These are a few of the industries that most commonly experience workplace injuries in Illinois:

Construction: About 1 in 5 workplace accidents occurs in the construction industry. Construction workers are constantly exposed to fatal hazards and unsafe working conditions. Most construction site accidents involve falls, such as from scaffolding or ladders. Other common construction accidents involve electrocution, falling objects, heavy lifting and exposure to hazardous substances. 

Manufacturing: People who work in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings are often injured by malfunctioning machinery, exposure to dangerous substances, repetitive stress on muscles and joints, extreme temperatures, and more. 

Healthcare: Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers face a variety of health and safety hazards on a daily basis. They are often required to lift patients and equipment, which can result in neck, back and shoulder injuries. They can also be exposed to contaminated materials and infectious diseases. 

Accidents happen in every industry. It sometimes takes a thorough investigation by a workers’ comp lawyer to make a successful claim. 

There are several mistakes you can make in the process of filing a workers’ comp claim. Missing a deadline or omitting critical medical evidence can result in a settlement far below what you deserve. Don’t walk away empty-handed or accept a lowball settlement offer from your employer’s insurance provider. Choose an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer and get the representation you need to recover the amount you deserve.