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Are you recovering from injuries from a severe accident? Whether you are dealing with head injuries, leg and knee injuries, or disability, you will need an experienced lawyer to file a compensation claim.
You might be eligible for compensation if the negligence of another caused your injuries.
Rising medical bills and lost wages can quickly deplete your money. Stephen R. Martay, Attorney at Law, offers legal services for those seeking a personal injury lawyer, workers’ comp lawyer, or construction accident attorney in Joliet, IL.

A Workers’ Comp Lawyer That Provides Strong Representation

For 11 years, Stephen has been providing aggressive representation for victims. If you have been injured at work, let him help you with your workers’ compensation claim. He will begin with a consultation to determine your circumstances. Then, he will walk you through your options. Claims vary depending on the severity of the injury, the employer’s cooperation, and more. Get in touch with a workers’ compensation lawyer today to learn more.

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Find out how a personal injury and workers’ comp lawyer can assist you by calling today. Stephen R. Martay, Attorney at Law, offers free consultations so that clients can get to know him and his legal services. Call (312) 372-9022 today if you need a lawyer in Joliet, IL.